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We are a modded wurm unlimited server, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in and have fun with us! All you need is a copy of the game wurm unlimited on steam.

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A Quick Update by Mizova @ 10-21-2016, 08:46 AM
So this morning we had a very quick update which has added on some new mods for the server as we continue our slow progression away from server.jar mods to ones that make use of the modloader. Thus each update we do it will make the wurm unlimited server updates even easier. I just want to give a big shoutout and thankyou to Ralof who has been an incredible help in making this update possible.

As many of you know traveling to Temple Island to visit the Altar of Three can be quite the journey for a new player on Valoria. Recently a few players have donated rowboats to the Citadel Docks allowing anyone to use them. However this does not stop some players from swimming regardless and unfortunately some do not make it. It is possible for a new player to swim to Temple Island if they strip naked and swim. But this is a sacred temple, we do not wish to promote skinning dipping... do we? The solution to this is that we now have disabled drowning on the server making it a little more newbie friendly (and to those unnamed players who fall asleep on their keyboard after hitting autorun).

Another nice friendly update we have done is to turn off the skill loss on death. Hopefully this will encourage more people to go out exploring or taking part in dangerous events (maybe even pvp events) without having to care or worry if they die. Especially if they have high skills.

Keeping up on the theme of friendly, happy and helpful server you will now find that the CA HELP window will be open immediately to new players. A lot of players may not have realised we had a special channel in the chat window just for advice and help - let alone that we had a team of community assistants ready to help and answer all your questions!

The final update is a new digging action called "Clear Soil". You must first have 30+ digging skill to be able to use this action. There is also no hotkey for this command. What it does do however is remove one dirt from every corner of the tile and will continue to do this until the rock is exposed ignoring the "you have hit rock" message you get with leveling when one corner hits rock. If this explanation is confusing then please grab a shovel and try it out for yourselves.


Hitching Unchained! by Mizova @ 10-05-2016, 05:57 PM
I just wanted to take the time to go into a little more detail about one of the mods that was added today. Full credit of course has to go to bdew for this amazing mod that allows us complete freedom when it comes to choosing what type of creature we want to power our carts and wagons.

Of course different creatures have different speeds. Hellhorses with full equipment is still going to be perhaps the fastest, but it is not just about five-speed horses or hellhorses anymore following this update. All of a sudden it has given players a purpose to breed those five-speed champion mountain lions or bear you might have always wanted to pull you along! There is now going to be a market for all sorts of high speed, fun, exotic creatures.

There are a few resrictions, for example you can hitch a wildcat or dog but you cannot hitch a chicken. But looking at the opposite end of the scale you can now hitch champion or greenish creatures such as trolls which before you were unable to do. One of the greatest parts of this mod is that you can now hitch a hostile creature regardless of their age. You were only able to hitch a adolescent aggressive creature before, now it matters not!

Another large change is how the creatures will behave once they are hitched and for the most part it is all good behaviour ;)! When a hostile creature untamed it would unhitch itself, now that no longer will happen. More importantly a hitched creature will not harm anyone as long as they are hitched, they will be calm and loving and passive as if tamed. Basically everyone, it's time to start breeding random animals... Enjoy!

Server updated to by Mizova @ 10-05-2016, 11:25 AM Hey everyone! A few updates took place today so here are the changes for you listed below, enjoy.

Server Update

The server has now been updated to This was not a major update for us but it came with a few minor bugfixes and we are now completely up-to-date.

New Mods

This is the more exciting part of the update today as we introduce some changes and some new mods.

- Hitching restrictions on aggressive creatures has been lifted, a lot. You can now hitch an aggressive creature regardless of age or greenish/champion status. A tamed pet that is hitched will not unhitch anymore when it becomes untamed. Hitched creatures will also not aggro while they are hitched either. There has been quite a few changes so this will be a good one for you all to play around with and enjoy.

- Boat mod has been disabled (for now). With the upcoming boat races planned it was felt that the effect wind has on sailing was required to make boat races a little more fun and unpredictable. If boats become too difficult or slow to sail following this change I will look into modding the base speed of each boat in a future update. But for now I want to see how things work like this.

- My more dragon scale mod has been tweaked so that it will now only drop 10x more scale rather then the previous 12x. This means we will probably see around 8 suits made per event not 10. Again there is a little bit of rng still involves in this, some events there may be less and others there may be more. But with careful thought this multiplier seems to be the best for our server.

- No holyground! Before this update players were unable to build in a 100x100x100x100 square around both the white light and blacklight. This was the reason why we put the whitelight in the middle of Temple Lake on Temple Island. The reason we did that was so that less land was effected by the holyground which disabled building rights. From now on this will not be a problem and it means we can add items like obelisks to the donation gift list.

- More sprouts, you will now get 5 sprouts every action.

- Fire burn times, forges and ovens when examined will tell you how long they will stay lit for.

- Move to centre mod. You can now move items more easily to the centre or corner of a tile.

New Staff

Welcome back to Nightowl to the CA team. We also have another two new CA's, Remington and Pufflesprout!

I will leave CA and Event Manager applications open for a few more days so please send me a PM on the forums ( Mizova) telling me which position you would like to help us with and why.

Staff Shuffle & Events 1/10 by Mizova @ 10-01-2016, 09:02 PM Server Update News
Hey everyone, sorry that the server update still has not gone live. Since it is not a large update and not essential I've been waiting for a nice quiet moment that fits in with my shedule before doing it as it will require the server to be down for two to three hours. I am hoping to have it done during the week however. So if the server is down you'll know it is because of the update and there is no need to panic!

Going to try to have events every weekend where possible. Remember you do not need to ask for permission to host an event. If you have an idea and want to host something then please go right ahead! The staff team are currently looking for 2-3 event planners that wish to organise and host events on a regular basis for the server. Events do not hav to be slayings. It could be a dualing contest, a horse race, party games, market day, community build or project. Just use your imagination.

Next Saturday we have a boat race at Canal City! On Sunday we have a Mineathon at the Hells Pass Boat Tunnel project to try to get it completed.

Staff Team Shuffle
Because unfortunately we have not seen much of Arkain and Diedae lately and we understand real life comes first we have placed them back as regular players for now and are currently looking for a few new staff members. We would like some CA/CM's but are also interested in players that wish to host events and be Event Planners.

If you wish to be either a Community Assistant/Chat Mod or an Event Planner (perhaps you'd like to do both?) Please send a forum message to me (Mizova) just explaing which position you'd like and why Smile

Server Update 08/08 by Mizova @ 08-08-2016, 01:33 PM Valoria is down for the latest server and client update. Join us on the teamspeak for the latest news. Server will be back up shortly.

Staff Team Shuffle 01/09 by Mizova @ 08-01-2016, 07:41 PM Hey all! Just a quick update to explain how our staff team is now working and who is doing what.

As our server grows and continues with its sucess we are looking ahead to our future. The prospect of having another island or islands is probably not that far off in our future. I also realised that we needed more structure to keep the workload we do behind the scenes more fair and organised. This will hopefully allow me to do more dev duties and bring more new features to our server.

So this is the newly reformed staff team!

Mizova/Iberis - Dev & Owner. My job is dealing with the coding, management, upkeep of the server. I do anything and everything but will be mostly focused on development and modding.
Anders/Nils - Trainee Dev. Head gm. Will be looking after the general management of the server, the go too guy when anyone has any questions regarding the rules or how the server works. Gm's can also ask him for advice if unsure on something.
Minge/Xloey - Arch GM. Our resident experienced gm who handles everything and is there to train and support new gms. Does road and tower payments but also helps with testing and development (like with missions/npcs more recently).
Corax/Chong - GM. Will handle tickets, road and tower payments.
Maratdesade/Strangelove - GM. Will handle tickets, road and tower payments.
Nightowl/Dondersteen - Artwork manager. Will focus purely on flying around making youtube videos and livestreaming all the action as our resident cameraman.
Volkmar - CA/CM. Will answer tickets that do not require a gm or forward tickets to a gm that do. Answers questions in the ca help channel and moderates the chat ingame.
Diedae - CA/CM. Will answer tickets that do not require a gm or forward tickets to a gm that do. Answers questions in the ca help channel and moderates the chat ingame.
Aradar - CA/CM. Will answer tickets that do not require a gm or forward tickets to a gm that do. Answers questions in the ca help channel and moderates the chat ingame.
Arkain - CA/CM. Will answer tickets that do not require a gm or forward tickets to a gm that do. Answers questions in the ca help channel and moderates the chat ingame.
Baadasa - Event manager. Will be focusing on planning and hosting lots of fun events for everyone. Has CA powers to help her with this and give her access to mgmt but she is not expected to answer tickets etc.

So that is everyone! We welcome a few new faces to the team including Arkain and Baadasa! Big Grin

Rollback 14/07 by Anders @ 07-14-2016, 10:49 PM Just so everyone's aware, there has been a rollback of 2 days. A mistake was made in the player database.

Compensation will be handed out in the form of 10 points of mind logic. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope the compensation will be appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact staff.

Update 13/07 by Mizova @ 07-13-2016, 09:30 PM Just a quick announcement to say that today I have made a few posts and changes on the website to clear up a few things and some of the frequently asked questions.

Teamspeak Information, Rules and Etiquette
The teamspeak can sometimes get a little chaotic and busy so a post was made outlining a few rules.

Staff Team Page
The staff team has not changed but the page has been fleshed out to include better descriptions of what roles the staff team do.

Events, Contests and Projects
A thread was made outlining the difference between server and community events and projects. Also how to go about hosting one of these events yourself.

Holiday News by Mizova @ 07-06-2016, 03:39 PM Hey everyone! Not an update but more of an announcement. I am probably going to be going on vacation either tomorrow or the day after. How long I will be gone for is unknown since the plan is to jump into the car and just drive across Europe. Might be two weeks roughly. I may have access to the website/forums while I am gone once or twice but I will not have access to the game.

This means that for the next couple of weeks Anders is the new bosslady bossman! Please use the /support function ingame if you need gm assistance as we also have other GMs that will be available while I am away.

There will probably be less map updates during the next couple of weeks. I will also be turning off the donation page until I return. That means that if you plan on donating soon you have until tomorrow, after that you will have to wait two weeks (sorry)!

Update 04/07 by Mizova @ 07-04-2016, 08:29 PM Hey guys a fairly big update for you all today with a few nice changes!

Crate Sizes
Large crates can now hold 600 items and small crates can hold 300 items!

There is no longer a 24hour delay when changing the location of your bank account.

The bounty mod has been updated. You now get more bounty for killing creatures with traits. So for example champions and greenish will now give you a bit more money when you kill them. There is also a set bounty now for fogspiders.

Cave Dwellings
Added the cave dwelling tweaks mod today. This means you can now build right up against cave walls and use any wall type. It also reduces the amount of decay cave dwellings take that are off deed so that it is the same as off-deed surface buildings.

The delay between questions has been tweaked, the multiplier for the delay is now set to half the amount.

If you spot a wild seal please let us know! Then club it fast. Seals were not spawning correctly, hopefully this has now been fixed.