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We are a modded wurm unlimited server, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in and have fun with us! All you need is a copy of the game wurm unlimited on steam.

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First Week Finished! by Mizova @ 1 hour ago
With the first week of the server now behind us a lot has happened and the server is moving forwards in a good direction. Slowly over the upcoming weeks I will be increasing the creature count, right now it is still at 100k. Most of those creatures are from mob spawners on some of the smaller islands.

Some people have been asking about the PVP island called Daggerfell so I just want to quickly clarify what it is all about. Right now there is very little you can do there. It is a no build-zone which means you cannot build a deed there. What is it going to be used for is Hota events. There is a large Hota zone that covers most of the islands including in the forests and up the mountain. These Hota events will not be frequent because it takes a lot of time and planning to sail and travel to the PVP island. Most importantly you need 20 fight skill to be able to capture a pillar and not many players even have that yet. The Hota will begin soon - but not quite yet!

On Sunday we have our first slaying event - the Goblin Leader! You can see more information about this slaying events and where to go and what time to meet on our events forum. All you need to bring with you is a weapon and a tent. There should be enouhg of us to kill the Goblin Leader - it is the weakest of the uniques. After the slaying there will be a loot roll (raffle) to decide who wins the various parts dropped and butchered.

Lastly I wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended and took part in the first trade fair of Valoria! Item prices right now are at an all time low, but as more money is brought into the economy the prices will rise. There was also a lot of trading items for items which was great to see. In the future when it becomes easier to move and travel players will be welcome to bring forges, ovens, tables, alters, signs - anything they like with them into the Trade Fair Green to set up their own little stalls. The next fair is now the last Sunday of April!

Donation Catchup by Mizova @ 03-19-2017, 04:49 PM
Today I have been doing some work on the new server in regards to anyone who donated this year. It was decided that anyone who donated in 2017 would be able to have their donation gifts reimbursed on the new server. However since the new server has been launched we have had a couple of new changes to our donation shop.

We no longer have traders on the map so we will be unable to allow anyone to carry over traders. Secondly we no longer gift out silver as a donation gift but sincce a few players donated for silver either on the old server or just before the new one launched and the shop was updated we have decided to allow for those few players for that donation silver gift to go into an upkeep.

There are a few circumstances however, the deed must already be founded. The GM will put the money directly into the deed upkeep. This means the money will not affect the economy of the server in a negative way while at the same time making it so that players who donated to keep this server alive do not lose out either.

For example if I were to give a couple of players 50 silver right now - it would break the economy of this brand new server. So we cannot do that.

There is now a list of players who donated in 2017 on the staff forums so that any GM knows exactly what is owed. To claim your upkeep or donation gift reimbursement let us know when you are ready for it by doing /support. You do not have to claim it straight away (since founding a deed or joining one will take time). There is no rush.

If anyone has any issues with this decision or questions please contact me directly.

Rules and setting up by Mizova @ 03-18-2017, 08:40 AM
So the staff team now have a very busy day ahead of us. It is an early start for me as well as we start to slowly change over the website to reflect the new server. Old posts regarding the previous version of Valoria have been removed, lots of forum cleaning has taken place.

We would like everyone to please check our updated rules page!

Changes to the rules now include:

-- Announcing in advance on the forums when Rite of Spring and Ritual of the Sun will be cast.

-- Bashing lairs is now allowed, though some on the small hunting islands will be protected and you might find they cannot be bashed.

-- The biggest rule change is that the number of characters a player may own has now dropped. Any single player may now own a maximum of three characters. This means a maximum of three deeds as well. Anyone found to have more will have the extra characters deleted and will recieve a warning. The great thing about this rule change is that no one player will have access to all religions and spells which means they will have to trade! Remember, this is not a single player version of the game.

I would like to remind everyone again, including the new players that will be joining us at launch, that using cheats, loopholes, auto-clickers, macros, and client mods, aside from the ones allowed on the rules page, are strictly not welcome on Valoria. While breaking other rules might get you a warning of some sort, cheating is an offense that will get a player instantly banned when proven.

If you suspect a player is using a form of cheat, please use /support in-game to report suspicious activity.

Thanks guys, together we can make sure this server is great fun and fair for all of us!

Closing in on the launch! by Mizova @ 03-15-2017, 07:14 PM
So over the past few days the staff team have been hard at work preparing things for the new server. We now have decided on a time and date to open Valoria Isles to the public.

Saturday 18th March
8pm GMT / 4pm EDT / 1pm PST

Just before the new server is launched Xzal is hosting an event on the current server at Sandpoint. Check out the events forum for more information. We are having one last final event to say goodbye to our old world before going mouth-foaming crazy on our new one!

Work has been steady on the new server, we have been flying around checking the map and also popping a few volcanos which is always fun to do.

All but two mods are now setup and ready, so really the biggest jobs left to do are fixing up the portals, creating the creature loot-tables and lastly all the various map edits to the world on our gm.

Most of these edits include getting the spawn town (Port Valor) ready. So far we have flatten out a nice piece of land and what we are planning to do is let players build and design most sections of the starter deed. More information about how Port Valor will be built up by the community closer to the time of launch!

Along with the spawn town which will also have a public mine we are also planning on having four portals to the larger four islands. The portals will go to a small "landing deed" making it a little faster for players to travel large distances.

We still have quite a bit of work to do but we are on track! I know I said I would have a map up for today, I go not have a livemap ready yet for you guys to see but I can give you a smaller teaser map for now. When the livemap is ready everyone will be able to see clearly where the spawn is, the portal landings and the alters. So please do not ask just yet, you'll be shown in due time.

[Image: 21ampec.jpg]
(click for larger view)

Valoria Reboot & Shadowfell Saved by Mizova @ 03-13-2017, 10:48 AM
So if you have not already been reading the forums or popping into teamspeak over the past few days I hope this does not come to a huge shock to you all! It has now been decided by the staff team and a majority of our active players that we have approached for feedback so far that a revamped Valoria would be extremely exciting and fresh.

The problem we are facing is that many of our players who have been around for almost a year now have high skills, too much money in the bank and have hit a wall in terms of things to do on Valoria. Especially since we have been struggling to gain many new players recently. This is mainly because skills are a bit too easy to reach, everyone can pretty much do everything for themselves and trading is at an all time low. There is far too much currency in the game and some large abandoned deeds will just never pop because of the amount of upkeep that was pumped into them just because money was too easy to get.

When I first created Valoria I was still fairly new to the game, I'd certainly never designed a map before or created mods before. The server itself was in the beginning meant for me and my alliance friends but grew popular in time and grew from there.

What we would like to do is pool together our experiences, the bad and the good and create a server we feel will be exciting, challenging, expandable, flexiable and will have longativity. There will be plenty of room for growth and we will have new mods systems and practices in place to keep gameplay balanced.

If you have not already checked the general forums for a few ideas of what to expect then please do! All I can say is that we are really putting a lot of effort into making something epic here and it would be absolutely great to keep the community together as much as possible.

This is a chance for all of us to start fresh on a brand new PVE server, shaping the world around us and being the key first players on a new server!

I would also like to quickly do a shoutout to all Shadowfell players. The server has been frozen and saved. I am now using that server to run and test the revamp of Valoria. Once the new Valoria is open I will fully update and bring Shadowfell back online as well.

Mod Fixing & Spell Change by Mizova @ 03-07-2017, 12:55 PM
Hello all! This morning we have had a few mods fixed on Valoria but still not all.

Crops will no longer rot and will work as they did before! Surface mining is now fixed, this will also work as it did before. A few other mods were updated to the newest versions and the inbreed warnings which were not working before the update should be once again showing up.

I still have to work on the foal names and forge capacity but it will not be long before these fixes are implimented into our server and are working once more.

One of the biggest changes today however was our spell merge as we return the server to how we were before Christmas. Once again we will allow players a one time free time to switch their religion on their character by opening a support ticket in-game (/support). All players will have a month from today in order to do this before the offer of switching religions and keeping all your faith will no longer be done.

The changes made today are also for Valoria only, Shadowfell will continue to have split religions as it is a PVP server. Also the mods are not yet fixed on Shadowfell as it is not the priority server. Fixes for Shadowfell will come soon, I just need to finish off sorting out Valoria first.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

Cooking At Last! by Mizova @ 03-06-2017, 05:23 PM Finally the long awaited cooking update has arrived to wurm-unlimited! Unfortunately having such a heavily modded server does mean there are a few teething issues with the new update in regards to some of our server mods. Right now we are running on the latest version of the game but in order to get the new update working I have turned off and changed a few mods.

Here is a small list of mods that are disabled for the moment until I can fix them:

- 100% sucess on actions when surface mining. Surface mining is back to default settings for the time being.
- Foal naming. Any new horses born will now have the default wurm names until I can get our crazy foal name mod fixed.
- Bank movement. Banks will now take 24hours to move to another token until I can get the instant move a bank fix back up.
- Forge capacity. Back to default for the moment.
- FSB storage. Back to default wurm settings. By this I mean what can be stored inside them.

I plan on fixing these mods as soon as possible.

There are two mods that I removed purposely:

- Fog Spiders are now enabled once more.
- Achivements are now enabled once more.
- 12x multiplier for dragon scale and drake hide has been completely disabled/removed for now. I feel as if we have alot of sets on the server right now for trading. I'd like to slowly make them rarer once more. With the multiplier turned off we might get 1-2 sets per fight if we are lucky.

The final change is an addition. I've added the server counter mod since I have noticed all but one of the main servers now run this mod. I always said I would add this mod if other server owners did the same and it looks like the normal thing to do now, I don't want Valoria to be pushed behind empty new servers filled with alts. It's got to the point now where servers without the counter are at risk of being bumped to second page. It will count all players on the server correctly in the wurm launcher. So if you are invisible on steam, turned off steam, using an alt it will now show a more accurate number of who is online. Luckily we do not have an alt problem since we have rules and limits guarding us from abusing them.

Anyway, enjoy the update everyone and let me know if a mod not mentioned seems to be not working correctly.

Server Back Up & Staff Shuffle by Mizova @ 02-21-2017, 03:42 PM Thank you everyone who has been patient while we have been working on getting the server back up and running. During the downtime no data has been lost, everyone who wishes too may continue on from where they left off. While the downtime took place I have been in contact with my GM team and we have decided on a few things.

First of all deed costs will not be changing after all. Deeds will remain free and resizing will also be free. Players will only need to pay upkeep. This is how Valoria has been since day one and we decided that it was a popular feature of our server we do not wish to change just to try to prevent people from cheating. Instead we have decided to increase the number of staff on the server.

This will not only help things run smoothly but also take some of the pressure off myself since up until now I have had to deal with the majority of tasks when it comes to running this server. Here is what the updated staff team now looks like:


Volkmar - Head GM

The CM/CA team will remain the same.

It is with regret that Tyler (Minge) is no longer a part of our staff team only because we have not seen him in so long. Our thoughts are with him and we hope he returns one day. Anders is once again a Dev and will be helping with map updates and other behind the scenes jobs. Volkmar is the new head gm. Rathsarian and Furaties have now joined our GM team.

The server is up again right now. Anyone with any issues of any kind regarding the downtime or anything else server related may drop as a /support ticket ingame or contact me, Anders or a GM.

Thanks again everyone o/

Public Markets by Mizova @ 01-15-2017, 08:22 AM
To try to encourage more trading we would like to add a few new markets into Valoria, public markets similiar to the area we have at the Citadel of Valoria. A lot of people do not wish to travel and having a few smaller markets along some of the main highways would be great to see. Not only would they be a place where players could set up their own market stall to sell their goods but I would like all official public markets to have an inn with at least five free to use beds in it. This way new players that might not yet have a deed yet can sleep free of charge.

Because we do not want the map to be flooded with these mini markets we ask that players seek planning permission first in the forums. Those accepted and completed will be given 20s! Markets will need to be built next to highways (junctions preferably!), be lit up, have signs making people aware of what they are and must be built on a deed. This is to help prevent decay of the market and the inn. You can use one of your alts to make the deed or add the market into your main deed if you have a good location for it. Other helpful things like a public workshop, animal pens, parking for carts or a public mine are also great but not required.

Interested in making a public market? Please post your idea up on the planning permissions forum!

Bounty changes and future plans by Mizova @ 01-14-2017, 06:48 AM
So as we are getting closer to having our second server opening we have been looking at ways of improving our exisiting one first. Some of the biggest things we must deal with is lag and keeping the database clean, fixes for exploits or broken things in the game and working on trying to balance our economy. These are the current main three goals we are working on.

Today we have changed the bountymod and how it works. We did this without warning because we wanted to make hunting more fair as quick as possible. The current system was great for group or team hunting but unfortunately it meant that a solo player with their 4 alts could make 1s per troll killed. A whole field of mobs would be worth more to a player with alts then it would be to someone without and this is one reason why this was changed today.

Another reason is that when players rush around killing mobs their corpses are left on the ground. A good way to clear the database and make the server run a little bit smoother is to encourage players to bury the corpses. Now every players will have to bury the corpse to recieve the bounty. This means that a bounty is no longer shared between everyone who fights and will only go to the player who buries the corpse. The money will still go directly into your bank on this server (it will go into your inventory on the pvp server).

The amount you get for different creatures has also been changed and I wish to release the bounties for each creature. I will be posting a bounty list in the guides and tips section of our forum. Some changes are to help remove some of the creatures we have a lot of in the wild that nobody kills because they are pointless, like cows or rams. Crabs also have a nice bounty on them. Wildcats, mountain lions, rats, goblins have all gone up in value too so that new players can jump straight in and make money hunting. Creatures like trolls have had their bounty reduced slightly but crocs and scorpions are now higher. So are rarer creatures like lava fiends, unicorns and seals.

One thing to take note of is that the bounty for a sea serpent is now 20s. A price I'd say is well worth jumping in a boat and looking for one. They are difficult to kill and may require a small team but the money can be split between you I'm sure. Whales, dolphins and sharks also have nice bounties meaning that using boats for hunting is now viable.

For those who do not breed aggressive creatures on their deeds you can also use guards to kill mobs that wander onto your deed and then bury the corpses for the bounty. This is fine however creating a new deed for the purpose of farming mobs with spirit guards is an exploit we will be fixing soon but until then we will be monitoring new deeds closely making sure none are made for this purpose. So please do not do it, there will be consquences if people do.

One thing we are starting to see on the server is more people hunting for money rather then trading goods. A lot of people have good skills but find little value spending their time crafting and selling. We would like to try to change this slowly. Adjusting the bountymod will help, the less money coming into the server the more value the current money in the system is worth. Rather then making bounties massively lower and putting people off hunting it has been decided that we will instead add more 'money sinks' into the server.

Because of this in one weeks time we will no longer be having free deeds and free resizing. It is easy enough to make money on the server and we have several players that host starter type villages where players may join before making their own deed. We also have a fully kitted out new public mine for new players to use until they have enough money also. We want to encourage new players to make things like bricks or do some digging for someone, join a town or go out hunting.

This change might seem big but here are some of the things it will do to help the entire server. It will cut down on the amount of deeds brand new players place that then vanish after an hour or two or playing the game. It will hopefully encourage more communities, more towns and working together. It will encourage more trade as new people look for ways to make money. Deed costs create a money sink drawing money out of the game thus making what you have more valuable.

The other change we are planning on adding at the same time will be another way to help clean the database, we are going to speed up the decay rate of things that are off-deed. This means that logs, dirt, rockshards or abandoned deeds will take decay a little quicker. Deed it or lose it!