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We are a modded wurm unlimited server, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in and have fun with us! All you need is a copy of the game wurm unlimited on steam.

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Server Back Up & Staff Shuffle by Mizova @ 02-21-2017, 03:42 PM Thank you everyone who has been patient while we have been working on getting the server back up and running. During the downtime no data has been lost, everyone who wishes too may continue on from where they left off. While the downtime took place I have been in contact with my GM team and we have decided on a few things.

First of all deed costs will not be changing after all. Deeds will remain free and resizing will also be free. Players will only need to pay upkeep. This is how Valoria has been since day one and we decided that it was a popular feature of our server we do not wish to change just to try to prevent people from cheating. Instead we have decided to increase the number of staff on the server.

This will not only help things run smoothly but also take some of the pressure off myself since up until now I have had to deal with the majority of tasks when it comes to running this server. Here is what the updated staff team now looks like:


Volkmar - Head GM

The CM/CA team will remain the same.

It is with regret that Tyler (Minge) is no longer a part of our staff team only because we have not seen him in so long. Our thoughts are with him and we hope he returns one day. Anders is once again a Dev and will be helping with map updates and other behind the scenes jobs. Volkmar is the new head gm. Rathsarian and Furaties have now joined our GM team.

The server is up again right now. Anyone with any issues of any kind regarding the downtime or anything else server related may drop as a /support ticket ingame or contact me, Anders or a GM.

Thanks again everyone o/

Public Markets by Mizova @ 01-15-2017, 08:22 AM
To try to encourage more trading we would like to add a few new markets into Valoria, public markets similiar to the area we have at the Citadel of Valoria. A lot of people do not wish to travel and having a few smaller markets along some of the main highways would be great to see. Not only would they be a place where players could set up their own market stall to sell their goods but I would like all official public markets to have an inn with at least five free to use beds in it. This way new players that might not yet have a deed yet can sleep free of charge.

Because we do not want the map to be flooded with these mini markets we ask that players seek planning permission first in the forums. Those accepted and completed will be given 20s! Markets will need to be built next to highways (junctions preferably!), be lit up, have signs making people aware of what they are and must be built on a deed. This is to help prevent decay of the market and the inn. You can use one of your alts to make the deed or add the market into your main deed if you have a good location for it. Other helpful things like a public workshop, animal pens, parking for carts or a public mine are also great but not required.

Interested in making a public market? Please post your idea up on the planning permissions forum!

Bounty changes and future plans by Mizova @ 01-14-2017, 06:48 AM
So as we are getting closer to having our second server opening we have been looking at ways of improving our exisiting one first. Some of the biggest things we must deal with is lag and keeping the database clean, fixes for exploits or broken things in the game and working on trying to balance our economy. These are the current main three goals we are working on.

Today we have changed the bountymod and how it works. We did this without warning because we wanted to make hunting more fair as quick as possible. The current system was great for group or team hunting but unfortunately it meant that a solo player with their 4 alts could make 1s per troll killed. A whole field of mobs would be worth more to a player with alts then it would be to someone without and this is one reason why this was changed today.

Another reason is that when players rush around killing mobs their corpses are left on the ground. A good way to clear the database and make the server run a little bit smoother is to encourage players to bury the corpses. Now every players will have to bury the corpse to recieve the bounty. This means that a bounty is no longer shared between everyone who fights and will only go to the player who buries the corpse. The money will still go directly into your bank on this server (it will go into your inventory on the pvp server).

The amount you get for different creatures has also been changed and I wish to release the bounties for each creature. I will be posting a bounty list in the guides and tips section of our forum. Some changes are to help remove some of the creatures we have a lot of in the wild that nobody kills because they are pointless, like cows or rams. Crabs also have a nice bounty on them. Wildcats, mountain lions, rats, goblins have all gone up in value too so that new players can jump straight in and make money hunting. Creatures like trolls have had their bounty reduced slightly but crocs and scorpions are now higher. So are rarer creatures like lava fiends, unicorns and seals.

One thing to take note of is that the bounty for a sea serpent is now 20s. A price I'd say is well worth jumping in a boat and looking for one. They are difficult to kill and may require a small team but the money can be split between you I'm sure. Whales, dolphins and sharks also have nice bounties meaning that using boats for hunting is now viable.

For those who do not breed aggressive creatures on their deeds you can also use guards to kill mobs that wander onto your deed and then bury the corpses for the bounty. This is fine however creating a new deed for the purpose of farming mobs with spirit guards is an exploit we will be fixing soon but until then we will be monitoring new deeds closely making sure none are made for this purpose. So please do not do it, there will be consquences if people do.

One thing we are starting to see on the server is more people hunting for money rather then trading goods. A lot of people have good skills but find little value spending their time crafting and selling. We would like to try to change this slowly. Adjusting the bountymod will help, the less money coming into the server the more value the current money in the system is worth. Rather then making bounties massively lower and putting people off hunting it has been decided that we will instead add more 'money sinks' into the server.

Because of this in one weeks time we will no longer be having free deeds and free resizing. It is easy enough to make money on the server and we have several players that host starter type villages where players may join before making their own deed. We also have a fully kitted out new public mine for new players to use until they have enough money also. We want to encourage new players to make things like bricks or do some digging for someone, join a town or go out hunting.

This change might seem big but here are some of the things it will do to help the entire server. It will cut down on the amount of deeds brand new players place that then vanish after an hour or two or playing the game. It will hopefully encourage more communities, more towns and working together. It will encourage more trade as new people look for ways to make money. Deed costs create a money sink drawing money out of the game thus making what you have more valuable.

The other change we are planning on adding at the same time will be another way to help clean the database, we are going to speed up the decay rate of things that are off-deed. This means that logs, dirt, rockshards or abandoned deeds will take decay a little quicker. Deed it or lose it!

First look at Shadowfell Isles by Mizova @ 01-03-2017, 12:49 PM
By now a fair few of you have either seen snippets of or heard about a new PVP server called Shadowfell Isles. We have worked on it enough now that it will be going ahead and fairly soon. I would like to take this time just to go over a few of the basic concepts that you are all likely to see with this new server and how it may affect you on our PVE world, Valoria.

Valoria will pretty much remain exactly the same as it is now with the only exceptions being the religion update where we will split the spells and a portal will be added at the Citadel. All new players that wish to use the PVP world will have to first login at Valoria. The portal will allow fast travel for new players to the new map or they can remain on Valoria, train up their skills and make the journey later on. The other ways to travel to the new map will be by either the North or South via sailing off the map.

[Image: wbx846.jpg]

Here is a nice big picture of the map, click on it for a link to a larger version. I will not go into great detail on this update however here are a few bullet pointed facts about this new world.

  • Only the two small spawn islands will be none pvp. These will have no towers or spirit guards and will be a safe place for players of any kingdom to use for trade or passage via portals.
  • The two PVE/Spawn islands will also be linked via portals for fast travel to the North and South of the map.
  • The map is 4092x4092 in size. It is the same size as Valoria however it has more landmass. It is a large map.
  • There are no mountains because once a mountain deed is made properly they become impossible to raid. There is however several large hills.
  • Artifacts will be turned on and may be found, used and fought over at will.
  • There will be Hota on the centre island. For those not familiar with Hota it is like capture the flag but with pillars racing to capture four pillars before another Kingdom. The winner gets a random Hota statue (including the dragon or statues with coloured lights) as will as other nice goodies.
  • Supply Depots will randomly spawn nice rewards every so often where the first player to get there can claim them.
  • MR will be the default Kingdom however players will be encouraged to either join an existing PMK (Player made Kingdom) or make their own. Staying in MR will give no extra benefits such as Kingdom officers, leaders etc.
  • Any player will be allowed to buy a declaration of independance. The price of which is subject to change depending on how many kingdoms are on Shadowfell and the state of the server. The current price is 5g. The reason why the price is so high is because creating a kingdom is not for solo players or small groups, we expect players to band together.
  • You will be allowed to take over any of your characters and use them. Please remember we have a 5 character limit on Valoria and just because there is a new server does not change that. You may have a maximum of five characters spread over both servers if you wish. However you may only be in one PMK. This means if you wish to switch to another PMK or make your own new one all your alts must leave the old one with you.
  • Champions will be enabled. Please bare in mind however that if you decide to 'champ up' you will be stuck on Shadowfell for the duration of your Champion service. You will not be able to use the portal or sail back to Valoria.
  • We are likely going to be adding a way to become a demi-god soon after the launch of the server. It will be a longterm challenge/goal that will be very difficult to attain. If sucessful however it means that beside the usual deities there will be a new one that players can wordship including on Valoria and not just on Shadowfell.
  • We are looking at increasing the action timer and the bounties on Shadowfell just a little. This means that while it is more dangerous to live and work on Shadowfell because there is always a risk factor - there is a reward for doing it.
  • Uniques that spawn on Shadowfell will be completely first come first serve. Slaying events will not be public.
  • Blacklight Kingdoms will be allowed and will be exclusive to Shadowfell. This means that while a Blacklight Kingdom and its subjects would have to start again with their faith on Shadowfell the benefit of this is that they have access to unique spells and abilities no other players pocess. BL enchants like web armour, just as an example, could be sold back to the PVE world or to other Kingdoms.
  • Items may be traded between the two servers, in fact trade will be highly encouraged as the PVP server will be winning many decorative items in the Hota and from supply depots that cannot be crafted that can be sold to the PVE players for their deeds.

With the release of the PVP server we are expecting to see the value of items and money on Valoria increase. It will also open up a market for uncraftable items such as Hota Statues. We are also looking into perhaps adding in a stable master mod which would open up horse breeders to a massive new market of selling to Kingdoms on the PVP server.

I am sure most of you have a thousand questions and I assure you all, before the server is open I will be making a Q & A thread. Until then I will keep releasing snippets of information like I have done today. So have fun everyone and see you all soon o/

Religion update by Mizova @ 01-02-2017, 01:20 PM
Right now on Valoria we have only the three white light gods and picking any of the three allows access to all white light spells. Up until now picking a religion to follow has purely been based upon which deity bonuses you would prefer to recieve.

The reason why Valoria was set up this way was because in the beginning this server was created for me and my friends to play on. I did not expect us to have the population to be able to support different priest types or an economy but as we have grown we can now easily can support seperate priest types.

Very soon, likely within the next day or two, I will be making it so that white light priests can only use their own spells. The reasons for doing this is because it gives players more options to weight up with their decision on which deity to choose. It creates more of a market for enchanted items or for services such as genesis, mailbox casts or strongwall casts. Lastly because it will be more balanced when the pvp map is introduced, Shadowfell Isle.

Of course we realise that some players picked their deity based off of bonuses and not spells (since all were available) and have put a lot of time into the priests they have. Because of this and in the spirit of fairness if you wish to change your deity to follow another god then please do /support ingame and request for a religion switch. The change will be 1:1 for faith. Players only have this option to switch once and by Feb 1st we will no longer allow anymore deity switches.

If anyone has any questions please ask in the CA help or make a support ticket.

Thanks all o/

Public Mine Revamp by Mizova @ 01-01-2017, 06:15 AM
Happy New Year everyone! Thank you all for baring with us during a rough month with all sorts of problems, most should now be fixed and the server will be running much smoother now! Unfortunately a couple of players went around spreading a rumour that the server will be closing, this is not true. If anything we will only be developing the server and growing in the future as the staff team continue to work on a future pvp map to add to our existing one. We are just taking our time making this server to make sure we get it right.

Pufflesprout has been busy these past few days updating our public mine with the help of Rathsarian! It is now a great place for new players to work on their skills before heading out into the world.

The roads and the area around the public mine and spawn will be worked on next and cleaned up a bit and we have plans to extend the starter deed and the no build zone of the public mine. Many new players trying the game for an hour or two will settle next to the public mine or drop a tent and a cart and then leave creating quite a mess. We would like to try to force players to either use the mine or move out a little bit more.

The Red Drake slaying is in two weeks from now, there is currently a poll on the forums to decide if the slaying shall be on a Saturday or a Sunday! The other trapped uniques will have slaying events put up soon. Remember anyone can host an event! If you have a great idea please post it up and if you need help with prizes or support hosting then just let us know what you need.

Lastly our pool for new horse names to be added is on a forum thread. Please post up your own suggestions for words you would like to see appear on horses. Thanks everyone and have a great 2017 o/

Latest Updates by Mizova @ 12-18-2016, 03:29 PM
Hey everyone! Today our server has been updated to the latest version of wurm unlimited. This means several changes that you may or may not be familiar with and you can read all about them here in the patch notes. Changes do include boat speeds, prospecting, sleep bonus cooldowns, armour and a few other things.

While these changes are standard for wurm unlimited servers  we also have added a few extra tweaks and modifications of our own. I'm sure you have all noticed by now we are using Sindusks improved combat log and we also have an Info Tab to help players with links to important pages like our website, teamspeak or advertisements.

The biggest addition to our server is now our jousting mod! A player may craft a jousting lance out of wood and once mounted with a shield they may joust with other players by right clicking and selecting joust. When you are jousting you will gain body strength, body control and mind speed characteristic skills. You will also get polearms and longspear skill along with the shield skill of your choosen shield type.

Be warned that jousting is particularly dangerous and while we have skill loss on death turned off there is a chance your shield might shatter and lances will break often and take heavy damage when you strike your opponent. While jousting there is also a chance to knock your opponents helm off or even dismount them entirely. Not to mention various wounds. Have fun playing with this fun, new and exciting addition to our server!

We have also had a staff team shuffle today. Nightowl and Maratdesade have stepped down from the staff team and Pufflesprout and Melketh will now become the newest GMs on the server to help support our wonderful community. CA applications are currently open, please read more if you are interested here.

The Winter Imp-along by Mizova @ 12-08-2016, 06:15 PM
It is time at last for Valoria first imp-along, a completely player made and community driven event hosted by the deed of Dragon's Breath. Everyone is welcome to attend the event which will last all weekend. More experienced players can help improve tools and items for the newer players of the server and give something back to the community. In between the imping we have a great schedule of games and contests suitable for everyone with fantastic prizes. Not to mention a nice raffle which will be drawn at the end with some very nice things for a few lucky winners.

All you have to do is come to Dragon's Breath to take part. Pre-make a full set of tools and drop them into the right places. But do not forget to put your name on your tool! You will also need to place your tools in the right place, so leather items will go in one area, shields in another, weapons and so forth. If you are unsure where to put things or what to do there will be event staff on hand to help - just ask.

In the middle of the event area are altars and there will be regular sermons, just ask to be added to the roster. You may also ask for a couple of your items to be casted on but please bare in mind we will not replace rare items that get shattered when casting. If a normal tool is shattered however we will remake it and try the casting again.

A Quick Update by Mizova @ 10-21-2016, 08:46 AM
So this morning we had a very quick update which has added on some new mods for the server as we continue our slow progression away from server.jar mods to ones that make use of the modloader. Thus each update we do it will make the wurm unlimited server updates even easier. I just want to give a big shoutout and thankyou to Ralof who has been an incredible help in making this update possible.

As many of you know traveling to Temple Island to visit the Altar of Three can be quite the journey for a new player on Valoria. Recently a few players have donated rowboats to the Citadel Docks allowing anyone to use them. However this does not stop some players from swimming regardless and unfortunately some do not make it. It is possible for a new player to swim to Temple Island if they strip naked and swim. But this is a sacred temple, we do not wish to promote skinning dipping... do we? The solution to this is that we now have disabled drowning on the server making it a little more newbie friendly (and to those unnamed players who fall asleep on their keyboard after hitting autorun).

Another nice friendly update we have done is to turn off the skill loss on death. Hopefully this will encourage more people to go out exploring or taking part in dangerous events (maybe even pvp events) without having to care or worry if they die. Especially if they have high skills.

Keeping up on the theme of friendly, happy and helpful server you will now find that the CA HELP window will be open immediately to new players. A lot of players may not have realised we had a special channel in the chat window just for advice and help - let alone that we had a team of community assistants ready to help and answer all your questions!

The final update is a new digging action called "Clear Soil". You must first have 30+ digging skill to be able to use this action. There is also no hotkey for this command. What it does do however is remove one dirt from every corner of the tile and will continue to do this until the rock is exposed ignoring the "you have hit rock" message you get with leveling when one corner hits rock. If this explanation is confusing then please grab a shovel and try it out for yourselves.


Hitching Unchained! by Mizova @ 10-05-2016, 05:57 PM
I just wanted to take the time to go into a little more detail about one of the mods that was added today. Full credit of course has to go to bdew for this amazing mod that allows us complete freedom when it comes to choosing what type of creature we want to power our carts and wagons.

Of course different creatures have different speeds. Hellhorses with full equipment is still going to be perhaps the fastest, but it is not just about five-speed horses or hellhorses anymore following this update. All of a sudden it has given players a purpose to breed those five-speed champion mountain lions or bear you might have always wanted to pull you along! There is now going to be a market for all sorts of high speed, fun, exotic creatures.

There are a few resrictions, for example you can hitch a wildcat or dog but you cannot hitch a chicken. But looking at the opposite end of the scale you can now hitch champion or greenish creatures such as trolls which before you were unable to do. One of the greatest parts of this mod is that you can now hitch a hostile creature regardless of their age. You were only able to hitch a adolescent aggressive creature before, now it matters not!

Another large change is how the creatures will behave once they are hitched and for the most part it is all good behaviour ;)! When a hostile creature untamed it would unhitch itself, now that no longer will happen. More importantly a hitched creature will not harm anyone as long as they are hitched, they will be calm and loving and passive as if tamed. Basically everyone, it's time to start breeding random animals... Enjoy!